Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fall into Fall

There has been beautiful wispy fog in the valley these past couple of days. I drive to work in the early morning hours, while the majority of the world is still asleep and the artificial brightness that normally dominates our lives is pleasantly absent. I drive through long stretches of darkness, then in the distance a pool of light shines down from a street lamp. The fog swirls and gathers in ghostly images. My car passes through and the darkness envelopes me while my two beams of light guide me on to work.

The fall makes me smile. I find myself snuggling in under my blankets and dreaming of a fiber existence. Suddenly I feel the need to start a project for everyone I have ever known and of course I want to have it all finished by Christmas. I'm thinking maybe if I quit my job I might be able to finish half of the gifts I would like to. Of course if I quit my job I wouldn't be able to buy the yarn for all these loverly gifts I'd like to make, and honestly, the thought of not being able to buy yarn scares me more then not getting all my Christmas gifts done, so I guess I'll keep the job :P I just wish I could get paid to knit and play with yarn (such is the lament of so many knitters, I know). Someday perhaps my dream will come true (big fairy tale sigh, with eyelashes all a-flutter).