Friday, April 20, 2007


I leave for Florence Italy on Monday and I am so excited, giddy, nervous, a tad overwhelmed and a bit vaklempt. I can't wait, this is my first trip outside the US and I am eager to find new culture, people and well.. yarn! My bf laughed because I have printed out maps to 5 yarn shops in Florence. He thinks I'll have other things to spend my small amount of "fun money" on. He obviously isn't in touch with reality.

Everything has been so busy with planning, orgnaizing and of course working frantically to finish a sweater that I want to wear in Italy, that I really haven't had time to post. It's funny that I have 2 posts and only a few readers but at the end of the day I was dissapointed that I didn't post. I think I've had this idea that I should only post if I had time and thoughts enough to put up a long post. I need to stop overthinking :P

I will be returning on May 2nd so I'll put up pictures and talk about some of my fun adventures then. I'll be at knit night on the 3rd. Hope to see Janna and Kathy there!

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Kathy said...

How incredibly exciting! Have you gotten your mitts on a copy of "Let's Go - Italy"? I love that whole series and got a lot of use out of the books way back when I traveled a wee bit. Be sure to wander around, meet interesting people, enjoy the amazing food, and take lots of pictures so we can all live vicariously through you ;). Hope you have a wonderful trip!