Friday, April 13, 2007

Self deprecation rears it's head..

Last night was knit night at The Naked Sheep Knit Shop although it looked more like spinning night. We had 5 spinners, 4 wheels with 2 newbies learning to spin. It was a lot of fun and interesting to hear how other more experienced spinners gave advice to the 2 new guys. Yep both were guys! Actually of the 5 spinners there 3 were guys. It's good to see more male spinners and nice to help propagate the species. Back to the advice giving though. I didn't always agree with the advice being given but I felt like I shouldn't say anything because I've only been spinning for 2 months. I know the two more advanced spinners wouldn't have cared if I put in my two cents but for some reason I kept quiet and later, when they had both left, mentioned some of my ideas to the newest spinner. He must have found it helpful because he thanked me a couple of times. Even with this evidence that perhaps I have some helpful advice to give I still played it down. "No no Bob was the helpful one, I'm just new at this". Why do I do this? I do it with my knitting too. "Anyone could knit this shawl, it's only 6 feet of entrelac" (which really isn't hard, just time consuming) I think I need to work on it, if it bothers me it probably bugs other people too. (Ok I know it does, my bf gets irritated when I'm downplaying compliments on my knitting and butts in to tell people how long it took and how amazing I am, it's nice to have someone toot your horn for you). So that will be my new goal. No more "Well it's ok for my second sock, I'm sure I can do better" and onto "Thank you, it took some time and I'm proud of this bit o' yarn!"

Ok after that long-windedness I'll move on to the best part of the night. Janna and Kathy both showed up last night. I even got a hug from Kathy! We met Janna and her DH's girls, Offspring Elder and Younger. Both are such beautiful and polite girls and Offspring Younger wowed us with a very cute baby bootie she was working on. I had a great time getting to know them all better. It was truly a lovely evening and I hope that we'll see each other at the shop more often!

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scribblearts said...

You are too sweet, my dear. The offspring were delighted to meet you. And your sock is truly proud! You definitely have fiber mojo!

See you week after next, perhaps?