Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Going outta my skin!

This morning I deviated slightly from my norm - I drank a non-diet energy drink. I've been trying to loose weight for, well forever, but seriously the last few years. I have pretty much cut out all non-diet drinks and have almost gotten to the point where I only drink water. My one weakness is Diet Wired, I don't drink coffee very often and so this gets me going in the morning. Today my local convenience store was out of diet!! (Oh the horrors!) But I was totally draggin-ass so I went for the sugary stuff. It got the job done, I'm now wired and fidgety but I'm starting to drive myself crazy. Honestly my brain feels tired yet my feet want to dance a jig. Very odd. I guess the extra sugar is more then my body is used to and it put me over the top. To add insult to injury I really looked at the calories and junk and realized that I used up 6 of my weight watcher points for the day. 6!! Normally I don't even eat 6 points at breakfast. So, no more non-diet Sobe's for me, ever!

On to more FO's. Here is my first Fair Isle project. It's a snowflake pattern that came from the creativity that is Bob the Spinningman.

I love how the two purples look against each other. The yarn is Cascade 220. I made another one in pink and white alpaca that felt so wonderful to wear but it lives with my grandmother so no pic's of it.
The lovely model is my big Little Sister (she looms over me at 6'3". Thanks Cass!

I guess the next pics aren't really of an FO, I still need to add button bands and buttons (I guess that kinda goes hand in hand, can't really add the buttons before the bands :P )

The pattern is Knitting Pure and Simple Baby's Neck Down Cardigan. I am a slacker and writing this at work so I'm not sure what the yarn is.
This was started almost a year ago and the child I had in mind is getting close to the 12 month size so I had better get my butt'on gear and finish it. Maybe sharing it with the blog will help push me over the finish line.

Hmm as I'm previewing this I'm not loving the big pics and all the white space (the high school newspaper editor is showing a bit). Not sure how to fix it, I'll do some research, but any suggestions would be welcome.


Kathy said...

I love the hat! The wee sweater looks really soft, too. Bet you could finish it really quickly (poke, poke, nudge, nudge).

Layout is a bit tricky on Blogger, but you can play with things a bit if you upload pictures in in "small" or "medium" and select left or right orientation. Is your template narrow in the center? Might want to pick one that is wider so you have more room to play with. Eh, whaddaya want for free, anyway? ;-)

Cheri said...


It was good to see you last night at knit nite! It's fun to read your blog and keep up on what you're doing :) Your sister resembles you a lot!

Amma said...

Great work.