Saturday, May 19, 2007


Finally some visual interest to break up the monotony. This first set of pics is my first entrelac project. Cheri of The Naked Sheep Knit Shop wrote the pattern for a class. Mine turned into a scarf/wrap/shawl/thingie but I really love it. The yarn is Cascade's DiVe Teseo and honestly I didn't keep a ball band (shame on me!) so I'm not sure which color. It looks very fall in Vermont to me.

The colors in the pic look a bit too bright and washed out so I decided to take another pic in one of the many unidentifiable bushes in our backyard. The color is decidedly better, but somehow the bottom of the picture is all funk-di-fied. Someday I'll forgo yarn purchases and buy a copy of photoshop to fix pics like these :P (don't hold your breathe on this one, yarn is so much more seductive the software)

The downside to using bushes as your staging area is that nature tends to grab onto things. The little seeds stuck to that like Alberto Gonzales is sticking to Bushes coat tails. I have been picking them off for a couple of days now. Teach me to think before I lay my knits down any ol' place!

I have more to post but I'm supposed to be taking a shower and prettifying myself (HA!) for a work party. Wish me luck, I'm showing the bf off for the first time! He'll probably come across better then I do actually :P Next time, snowflake hats and toddler cardigans!


scribblearts said...

Ooh, that wrap is *beautiful*, Meghan. I love the cheery, vibrant oranges against the green background (even if it did give you a headache).

I tried to leave a comment the other day, but Blogger wouldn't let me. Glad to see all is right again!

Lisa said...

HI, i was just browsing and came across this scarf
and i really wanna say the scarf is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

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