Friday, May 11, 2007

Holly Wowsers!!

I was reading through my daily digest of blogs and came across this . If you scroll down the page you will see my name and a link to my blog! When I saw the weird spelling of Meghan I think my heart stopped for a second. "Could that be me? No way!!" I know it's very silly to get all twittery because someone with a big blog like Ryan linked to me. Even more so because it is simply a link for people who want to car pool. If she was pointing out some beautiful knitting or a particularly funny story it might make more sense. But no, I get excited just seeing my name in print:P Apparently my newbness shines through at times. =)

As Ryan pointed out, I'm planning on attending the Dulaan-a-Thaan and would love to drive with someone. I don't mind doing the driving, I'm really just looking for someone to chat with and someone who will poke me if I fall asleep (just kidding). Leave me a comment if you're at all interested.

On the knitting front I finally have some pictures taken and soon I will figure out how to upload them. Is there anyone who uses Flickr that can tell me how to upload from there?

Happy Mother's Day to all moms that may read this. Enjoy your weekend and I hope that the sun shines bright for ya all day long.


Kathy said...

Hey, it's a pretty cool thing to get linked, regardless of why! I always get atwitter when I find someone linking, too :-)

If you go to Flickr click on "you", then scroll down and select "upload photos". There's also an upload software tool that you can use that's supposed to be really easy, though I haven't used it yet.

Easier still is simply uploading pictures directly into Blogger. Click on the little picture icon when you're writing the post, then select "browse" and find the picture on your hard drive. You can upload more than one picture at a time, though they'll all have to be formatted the same way (l,m,s, left, right, center).

Kathy said...

Ack - can't comment on your newest post. Beautiful entrelac! Red is such a hard color to photograph just right, and you did a really good job. Love your bio pic, too :-)